Thinking About Starting a Blog? Here’s Why You Definitely Should

Do you have a blog? Are you thinking about starting one? Blogs have become extremely popular over the years, so we are guessing that you probably already know someone who has one. Or at least had one. It seems like many blogs are started in earnest, but soon abandoned.

So, let us say that you want to start a blog, but do not want to fall into the trap of losing interest early on. Here are some reasons why you should go ahead and give it a shot:

Practice makes perfect

While it sounds like it would be worlds away, writing is actually not all that different from, say, hockey. The similarity being that the more you practice, the better you get. It is important to maintain a regular schedule with a blog, so that means you will be writing on a regular basis. It may be time-consuming, but you will get better and it will get easier.

Meet others with similar interests

Whether your blog is read by only 100 people or 100,000 people, it provides a way for you to connect with others who have similar interests. This can result in wonderful, long-lasting friendships and sometimes even romantic relationships.

Lets your voice be heard

Before the days of the Internet, it was tough for the average person to get their opinion out there and heard. The Internet helped to level the playing field significantly. You can post and comment on social media, but having your own blog can add a level of credibility to your opinion.

You can sometimes make money with it

Blogs that have significant followings can attract major advertisers and some blog writers have been able to quit their regular jobs as a result. It can also bring you to the attention of publishers who are willing to pay you for your writing.