Behave Yourself in Movie Theatres

Those of us of a certain age, who attend movie theatres on a regular basis, may sound even crankier than usual as of late. The reason is a serious decline in basic etiquette amongst filmgoers. Sure, there were always the occasional obnoxious or clued out patron in the past, but problems have escalated dramatically in the past few years. In fact, if it weren’t for my considerable love of cinema, I’m not sure I would ever set foot inside a multiplex anymore.

However, I am here to do more than just complain: I am here to offer advice on how you can be a model moviegoer and not contribute to that decline…

Turn Off Your Phone

That’s what I said, OFF. Not on vibrate, or just hidden in your coat or your purse. Both the noise and light of the device are annoying, so you must take care of both. No, it is not possible for you to text, talk, email, or play a game discreetly. There is a place for doing those things and it’s called the lobby.

Open Your Wrappers Before the Movie

As if popcorn munchers were not distracting enough, a lot of today’s concession stand candy comes in plastic wrappers than can be hellishly loud when torn or rustled. Open your food during the trailers and be discreet when accessing it during the movie.

Cut Down on the Talking

There’s nothing wrong with laughing during a comedy or screaming during a horror film. Other than that, people paid to hear the movie, not you. So zip your lip and keep it zipped once that movie company logo appears onscreen after the trailers.

Keep Control of Your Children

Going to a movie can be especially exciting for kids, but their enjoyment should never compromise anyone else’s ability to have fun. If your child can’t sit still and be reasonably quiet during a movie, then they probably aren’t old enough to see anything outside of your living room (boisterous behavior is OK for kiddie matinees, though).