Don’t Forget the Importance of Fire Safety

Contemporary life has many responsibilities, so it is difficult to keep up with all of them. That can often mean addressing the most urgent ones first and then ultimately forgetting about some other important issues. For example, if our furnace dies, that is something at the forefront of our mind and a problem that will be fixed posthaste. This results in things like fire safety not always receiving the attention they should. Here are some reasons why you need to remember this important issue:

Smoke alarms

Make sure that you have one installed on every floor of your home including the attic and basement. Be sure to periodically test them to make sure that the battery or electrical connection is still working. Mark a date on your calendar each month so that you remember to do it.

Keep an eye on the stove

It always pays to be attentive when cooking because you food tends to turn out better that way. Also, it makes for a safer kitchen since you are keeping an eye on what you have cooking. Do not ever put something on the stove and then leave the kitchen for an extended period because you may come back to a house on fire.

Map out an escape plan

Sit down with your family and discuss what you will do in case of a fire. Make sure that everyone knows where the exits are and what they should do if they cannot access one of them. If you are not sure about how to do this, consult your local fire department for advice.

Smoking safety

If you must smoke, make sure to do it outside only. Do not under any circumstances smoke in bed or anywhere near oxygen containers. Make sure that all cigarette and cigar butts are extinguished (you can use water just to make sure). E-cigarettes are not exempt from safety concerns; they can have faulty batteries that ignite during charging.