Relaxation Techniques for People With Anxiety

It is normal to feel some anxiety in life; it can even be a positive thing in small doses. However, when it becomes a daily occurrence or actually leads to panic attacks and other debilitating moments, this is of definite concern. There are many reasons why anxiety occurs and a therapist is the one best qualified to determine what may behind it. However, there are things you can do on your end to relieve the symptoms of anxiety:

Deep Breaths

When you feel yourself in the grip of anxiety, take several deep breaths. Set aside a few minutes a couple of times each day to practice this technique. Exhale slowly. You should feel your heart rate start to slow down. This can be done anywhere. Close your eyes if it helps you to retain focus.


Exercise is good for us on many levels, and it also helps us to relax. It doesn’t have to be very involved; even a simple walk will help. However, if you are motivated to do something more involved and intense, absolutely do so.


We all have places that we enjoy and hold fond memories for us. Do you like the ocean? Close your eyes and imagine gentle waves lapping against the shore on a calm summer’s day. Now imagine the sounds that go with it: a calm breeze, the water rhythmically reaching the shore and receding, the sound of seagulls talking to one another down the beach, etc. This sounds like a simple method, but it can be highly effective.


Do you like to draw? Paint? Create word games? Doing something that stimulates your creativity can be highly effective at distracting your mind. It also helps you to accomplish something positive at a time when you are feeling unhappy about how life is going.