Where Does Broil King Rank Among the Best Performance BBQs?

Where Does Broil King Rank Among the Best Performance BBQs?

Wouldn’t it be easier to choose a new BBQ if you could just fire them up and throw on a few steaks right there in the store? You can’t tell much about how a BBQ performs just from looking at it. After all, there’s more to a grill than meets the eye.

Luckily, Consumer Reports tested 100 gas BBQs so you don’t have to. Their ratings can help you determine who has the best performance gas BBQ for your needs.

Like many of you, I always prefer to buy local if I can. So let’s look at how Canadian manufacturer Broil King holds up against its competitors in the gas BBQ arena.


Durability is a problem with gas BBQs in general. The burners are often the first piece to go, and most gas BBQs don’t last much longer than ten years. But Broil King ranks well compared to its competitors, beating out Char-Broil, Char-Griller, and Napoleon with ease.

In a review of the Broil King Sovereign, one Consumer Reports reader writes:

“Grill is long lasting. I have owned mine since 2007. Had one burner go bad under warranty and the company sent me a complete set along with the gas rail. Did not expect that. The firebox slightly warped,sent a picture. Two days later a new firebox was delivered. Both issues were in the first three years and no problems since with some very heavy usage.”


It’s no surprise that KitchenAid, known for its colourful, trendy, appliances, snags the top spot for appearance. Kenmore (which does poorly in all other categories) also caught the eyes of readers in this category. As for Broil King, it sits somewhere in the middle, along with competitors like Weber.

Grilling Performance

This is where Broil King shines. Broil King BBQs of all sizes are rated highly for cooking performance, particularly the Sovereign, as one reader writes:

“The versatility is the main reason I am sold on this grill. I have rigged up a smoker and the grill will hold a very steady temperature to cook low and slow. I have even made beef jerky on it at low temperature to dry the meat yet not “cook” it.”

Ease of Cleaning

This is another pain point when it comes to gas BBQs. Scraping off the charred remains of your meal is something you accept when you live the BBQ life. But not all grills are created equal, and that’s true when it comes to cleaning them as well.

Boilmaster, Char-Broil, and Char-Griller lose out big time in this category. Weber and Napoleon are somewhere in the middle. Broil King, in all its kingly dignity, does somewhat better. It’s not the pinnacle of cleanliness, but it stands out among its competitors as being slightly less of a pain to clean.